What did you do today?

Our volunteer project, aka Orchid the wonder dog, had 1/2 of her 1 year old puppy assessment. She passed. Part two is a sleep over at the dog trainers house. Seriously. That is actually a beanie baby or something in her mouth, not an actual living thing dangling limp.

And here is what I spent much of the day on. A little pillowcase embroidery from Alicia Paulson's awful book (and I only mean awful because from the day I got it in the mail I have been cranking out projects from it - abandoning all others), a quick knit hat for an Emb homeless donation project that may or may not get off the ground. If I had to bet I would bet no. The fabric for someone's red cape for Halloween and the never ending miter square blanket that may or may not get finished one day.
I also fed some children, walked them to and from school, am thinking about feeding them again, did some laundry and made bread - but that is all so boring it puts me to sleep just thinking about it.

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