Crete - on the cheap

We have traveled quite a bit at our current post. There are lots of places we can drive, flights can be dirt cheap and at this point in our FS adventure, I really need to get out of town a lot.

I know plenty of our non-FS friends are jealous, and even some FS friends, but I am here to tell you, we travel on the cheap. Not quite camping in tents, but we are not staying at the Ritz and flying first class either!

This summer we were stuck at post. Boring, dull post with no other kids around and nothing to do. So at our very first chance, we left town. We went to Crete and it was glorious. We drove three hours to a neighboring countries airport for a cheap flight, at dawn. I think everyone's RT tickets were well under $100. We rented the cheapest, smallest car there was...finding automatics in European can sometimes be a trick. We did Airbnb which was cheaper than a hotel, enabled us to cook and had room for everyone. We also picked a tiny small town sort of in the middle of nowhere and we enjoyed a few offbeat things. Nightly walks to the beach near our house to throw stones and listen to the sheep with their bells. Starbucks in the big city was a huge treat for us all. And we went to a tranquil Nazi cemetery that German funds are clearly paying for.

So Crete on the cheap - thumbs up. Now off to check SkyScanner for our next trip out of town!

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