How mail and UAB can make things easier

This is our 5th post as a family, maybe my 17th if you add on my FS childhood. I know how to move. This time I did pretty well. We had a small UAB coming out of Moscow (some of which did not show up but that might be another story) a larger UAB from home leave. HHE from Moscow, a shipment from storage and a consumables. And the car. That is a lot of logistics to keep track of.

This time I found out that we were really welcome to mail some stuff prior to arrival. Not like some people at one post who mailed such an obscene amount of stuff to themselves that they should still be very embarrassed. Maybe they are, I heard they quit the State Dept. But anyway, I ordered a few items that have proven to be an excellent idea. What items? A big ugly Amazon Prime box full of mostly junk food snacks. This proved to be my best idea ever as 3/4 of us got really sick right after we arrived at post. Salty goldfish crackers proved to be a life saver.

I also ordered pillows and mattress toppers for all. You cannot order all these things the very same day. Or you shouldn't unless you want to get a bulk shipment charge. I spaced it out a bit.

Best things to put in UAB? Bath mats and duvets. I would add knives but they didn't show up but all our financial records which were supposed to be in the HHE did. Weird.

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  1. Where are you posted? I am about to depart Abidjan. When my HHE got here, they had sent along several fragile items that should have been stored, and left behind one piece of the 4-sided bedframe. *Sigh.*