a secret - the pizza making type

I have been keeping a pizza making secret.  One I got from a FS friend a number of years ago.  Because of it, my pizza tastes good.  Every time and no matter where we live, and I am the woman using local flour that I cannot quite read the whole label of.  My kids won't eat frozen pizza and I think my daughter would rather die than eat Pappa J's.

These two items are my secret.  A cup or so of the King Arthur Flour Perfect pizza flour blend and 2 tablespoons of their Pizza Dough flavor.   This flour makes any flour, the world over, work better for pizza.  It stretches.  It can be thin crust.  It is a good thing.  A very good thing.  But do not replace the entire flour needed with it, as too much is not that good a thing, just a ridiculous stretchy mess of a thing.

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