this week is shaping up to be less a jerk

I have been knitting on the cat chew toy sweater and that is all good.  Had excellent, smart women knit night last night.  And got the yarn for this behemoth of a thing.

Music is always a good thing too to improve things.

Lovely, beautiful, silly, English. I used to live in Athens, Georgia, I know a thing or two about good music.  This guy is good.

And then we have my 11 year old's favorite rock band.  Not in the least.  His favorite is the 2nd violin, wearing the Star Wars shirt AND a watch.  If you happen to have a serious violin teacher from the Moscow Conservatory who tells you things like "Real violinists NEVER wear watches" then you get some joy out of pulling up the video and proving her wrong.  Frederick Oland also happens to be the concertmaster of the Copenhagen Philharmoic and looks like a fun guy which is appealing when your 11.

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