I love the Swedish

I was all set to start a baby quilt a couple of weeks ago but the gremlins who live in my electrical sockets decided it was not to be - and my $$$ Singer sewing machine blew up.  Some tears were shed but then my best teacher friend at the school here told me about sewing delivery.  I had been to one of their really nice stores before, nicer than any American quilt shop I have ever been in.  But apparently they deliver.  So instead of going, I got a nice Russian man, who took his job of phoning them VERY seriously, to order one for me.  The delivered SAME day, for FREE!  Added bonus, one of our cashiers happened to be waiting out front when the delivery man came and she gave the typical Russian  lady clucking approval noises the whole while the delivery man took the machine out of the box and told me of all it's features.

Needless to say, I am in love with my new simple Swedish machine!  

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