someone told me I was boring..

Okay, so they told me talking about cooking on a blog was boring.  But how is that cooking thing going?  Well, I have confirmed I hate braised or shredded meat unless it is served in a taco of some kind…and my kids still don't eat that much variety wise.  Seven new meals again this week - so fingers crossed one will please everyone!

Someone did actually tell me that organized people make them uncomfortable.  I don't know what to make of that.  I am not sure if the woman meant it as an insult or not?  I guess I probably seem a touch more organized than I really ever feel - this is our 3rd year at post, our 6th year in serious winter.  I know come late August, it is time to try on the snow suits and boots and look around for mittens.  We have been outfitted to the nines ready for winter for a couple of weeks now.  I know it's coming and I don't want to be that woman asking around to borrow snow clothes.  Also ice skates people - get them.  They do it for gym here.