the R & R that wasn't...

It will not go down in the books as all that restful or relaxing.  But it is drawing to a close.  About a day and a half to run around finishing up everything…including a late night visit to Lense Crafters for me - not good planning that one!

The oldest is all settled in his fabulous new school.  Hurray!  The General that runs the place used to work with our kind of people and even in our current post so has taken a special interest in the oldest - hope it is a good interest and not an 'I am watching you!' interest.  And had a golden retriever in his office, so that is a win in my book.

Life back at home is gearing up to be busy busy - the middle one is going to have a happy year, I can tell already, the youngest is hoping to talk every single Girl Scout into a trip to Switzerland and my music career, for which I make not a dime, is chugging along.  I got this cryptic email just this morning "Can Mozart Sunday?  Easy." Um, yes?  I think?  Also this gem from my piano teacher 'please buy and bring back this that and the other' (this, that and the other, all being really really hard piano pieces) so I write back, 'Um, do I need to buy and bring back anything for my lessons?' thinking she was using me as her sheet music mule…her response?  "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA those are for you" Super?  I think?

I am worried about how different life is going to feel without a few of my best pals.  Three ladies all up and left me.  As my husband pointed out, I might be too busy to sit around weeping….there is talk of more work on a book!  A Montessori book - which is totally, absolutely, my thing.

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