the quilt and a huge show of force

After a week of off and on cutting, I actually hauled out the sewing machine and to started.  The pattern says the star in the middle is the hardest part - let's hope so!  Because man it was tricky at times.  My seam ripper got a good workout till I got the hang of it.

Victory Day came and went.  I find it highly amusing that all the stupid American news outlets are reporting Putin had a 'huge show of force' yesterday.  Um…it's like Veteran's Day, they do it every single year.  A lot of reporters didn't seem to get that..or not want to mention it.  We watched the parade with our entire neighborhood - the loudest cheer from my people?  When a Marine adjusted the American flag flying on the building.  He kept at it until he got it to fly straight.  Good job young man!

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  1. Let's pretend Victory Day is new! Brother...The quilt is fab!!