the key to being content or dare I say happy?

I totally think the key to happiness in the chronic expat life is to keep busy.  I think I have a good system here.  I make stuff.  Sometimes small stuff and occasionally something giant and hard-ish.

I have been taking some Coursera courses.  Super good.  Another one starts Monday.  It makes me a more interesting dinner party guest if nothing else.  Also probably less tolerant of dim witted women who say things like "I don't watch the news because, you know" um no, I don't know?

I take up new hobbies that sometimes stick and sometimes not.  Photography class starts in a few weeks and I have a giant set of cake decorating tips awaiting some baked good to decorate.  Maybe tomorrow?

I have upped my cooking game lately.  Kids still cry or at the very least whine and end up making themselves pb&j's for dinner.  But still, at least 2-3 of us are enjoying it.  Chicken curry salad is a winner lately….

I guess my message (though no one ever listens to me about such things) is - if you are not working and filling the trailing spouse role, work on some hobbies, interests, things you have always wanted to try.  Just do something!

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