more with the grocery stores

Here we have the meat and bread department in Billa.  Billa is close and a lot of people walk there.  I do sometimes too but…they seem to have an AC problem and it reminds me of Jenny Lou's - in Beijing - on a hot summer day.  That might not be the best thing.  For me.  Lots of people mostly go to Billa.  I am not one of them.

And here is one of my favorite stores if I am looking for something unusual or imported.  Azbukha Vkusa.  It is nice.  Notice that shiny floor?

They even have Bar-b-que sauce and real American mustard.  Nice!

And their produce.  No kale.....even here.  So get over the kale already.

So that sums up my grocery shopping experience in Moscow.  It is not hard though you might have to go a few places to find unusual things.  There are also farmer's market type set ups but my Russian is so poor I tend to not go…

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