I get out a lot these days

So after more than a year of dealing with the women in my neighborhood who don't get out much, I finally have a lot going on.  Yippee for me!

Last week I went out with a German friend to a crazy far, really really good yarn store.  Luckily I trust this woman, or else I would have been convinced she was taking me on the metro - bus - tram to a certain death.  The place was so far!

I pulled off, almost single handedly, a pretty decent Pinewood Derby followed by the first ever Powderpuff Derby.  I totally love that a tiny cute first grade girl won!  And my middle one won in the boys race - a wonderful good bye to the Cub Scouts for him.

Then we have my new career as a page turner for a bunch of foreign piano students.  Not a glam gig but I love pulling out my bad Chinese.  I did not wear a black dress with a plunging neckline but rather jeans and a wool sweater - there is no heat in the hall and it is chilly!  I may try out another violin teacher next week.  Having a good teacher makes all the difference.

And today we deduced that my youngest has perfect pitch.  Her young piano teacher was very excited. Me?  Not as much.  I was all 'Ah, she spoke Mandarin as a small child, of COURSE she has perfect pitch' and then she almost feel asleep during her lesson.  This poor guy.  Also I may have said something like 'so what, it's not like she plays an instrument she has to tune.'  Again, this poor guy.

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  1. There was an epidemic of compound-bound moms toward the end of our tour in Moscow. I'm sorry to hear it didn't improve. They really miss out on a lot.