the foreign service - in print and on the small screen

I have recently been reading 'The Royals and the Roaches' by Patricia Hughes.  I sort of feel like my mother could have written it except she was a communicator's wife and a foreign service secretary herself.  But I think my Mom and Patricia are probably about the same age and were both around when 'the wives were fired.'  I enjoyed the book and may be more inclined to give a few more dinner parties.

I loved this movie.  Documentary rather.  Available on Netflix or here.  Most shocking part - it's all real!  Also, thank goodness no Americans make an appearance in this movie.  Also, never ever agree to Bangui on the bid list!


  1. hadn't heard of these but love the suggstions - adding them to my list!

  2. There's a British TV show called Ambassadors too that I've been hearing is good and have been meaning to watch. I'll check these out too. Thanks!