some pet peeves

So staying with family on the never ending R & R has reminded me of a few things....some of my pet peeves.  I shall list them in no particular order.

- I am off of actual paper magazines.  Probably newspapers too.  Forever.  If someone gives me one, I will read it with a day or two and then toss it.  I am not a keeper.

- Fake things I hate.  Fake flowers and curtains that are just for show.

- I hate opening a drawer or closet and finding it full.  Full of things that really do not belong in a drawer or closet.  When I get home the first thing I plan to do is go through our linen closet - again.

- There is a limit to how many pillowcases a single person needs.

- Also things go bad.  Spices, cleaning supplies, make up, lotion.  You cannot keep them forever.  For reals.

- And finally - if you live in freaking AMERICA - you can call a repairman to fix things.

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