A huge day

My middle son has had food allergies since probably birth.  Various allergies that have come and gone and changed.  The one that has stuck with him for the past 10 years is eggs.  Egg yolk and egg white.  Today we went to the allergist - it had been two years since the last round of testing.  Low and behold the total elimination diet he has been on for 10 years has let his body outgrow the allergy - mostly.  So today we started a 'hard egg' challenge at home and I am thrilled to report the middle one ate his first donut and did not die.  He did not even break out in hives.  Yay for him!

It sort of makes up for the fact that his dust mite allergy is terrible.  He needed benadryl cream and when that didn't work, they doubled dosed him with liquid and made us sit in the exam room for an hour....

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