dinner parties

Uzbek plate by taitaiknits
Uzbek plate, a photo by taitaiknits on Flickr.
There has been talk of dinner parties lately.  We are throwing our first one here (other than Thanksgiving for the childless and single in the husband's office) soon.  So how do I do dinner parties? I try and invite interesting people who might like each other or at least find each other interesting.  And keep the food and drink following.
For this upcoming party I will make my usual homemade bread and hummus, and classic chicken mirabella.  If you make chicken mirabella, you're house will smell superb.  And probably apple crisp or tart with homemade whipped cream.  No ideas yet on the sides, probably something green that moves me at the grocery store.  If children are invited, often they make their own pizzas first before the adults eat.  Not eating with a gaggle of children makes for a more relaxing time for adults sometimes...

The beautiful plate above will not be part of the table setting...it is a little too rustic!  But isn't it pretty?

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  1. Oh, a little lead for just one meal never hurt anyone. Probably.