more with the Ted talks and other things

I liked this guy too.

In other non news.  Things have been humming along lately.  Yesterday I sold a few hundred pumpkins for the Girl Scouts and was rewarded with an angry customer.  Seriously, who gets mad about Girl Scout pumpkins and who doesn't realize pumpkins in a totally foreign country are going to be different than pumpkins in Virginia!?  I now owe a nurse a baked good for helping with that drama!

I also met a Canadian yesterday, who asked how I liked Ottawa.  I said my usual, 'Oh, it is pretty and clean and um' and she started laughing and said "So, boring as hell?!"

I have also decided to start working on my book idea more.  There are plenty of parenting books for babies-toddlers-preschoolers, even Montessori slanted ones.  I think there is a dire need for some instructions for parents of the 6-12 set.  First two chapters - if your child responds with "SO?!" to every statement from his friends, that is not appropriate and you need to do something.  Also if your 10 year old daughter whines to you like an annoying 2 year, and never uses a normal voice, it is neither cute nor normal and you need to do something.  Maybe my book will be called 'A Montessori teachers guide to telling you what is and is not normal in your 6-12 year old and what to do about it'  Catchy?!

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