life changing?

So I have had a rather big birthday.  The BIG birthday.  And as many people do, I am trying to better myself or make grand changes.  Or something.  To kick it all off I am going to start watching a lot of Ted talks.  Really, I am.  And knit more.

So far this week I have watched two which I both thought were rather good.  In different ways.

The 4 a.m. Mystery - which is amusing and still smart, because is is, after all, still a Ted talk.

And this one my smart friend in Paris sent me - The Happy Secret to Better Work - this one is also amusing but makes me wonder two things - 1. if I am not looking at everything wrong?  If I  could change my happiness mindset, then I would get more done and have more energy and all kinds of fabulous things.  and 2. if someone told me I was not just a boring housewife but rather a unicorn would that also help with my general outlook?

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