cuteness and cuisine

First the cute puppy.  She is doing really well.  Very smart.  Almost housebroken which will make her 10 x's cuter.  She has puppy school tomorrow which will be educational for us both.  I now equally love black and yellow labs.  And chocolate of course!

And because a friend in China asked if things were ruinously expensive here - above is all the food I could haul back from the slightly fancy pants grocery store.  2 boxes of imported cookies, one from France the other from the UK.  Sour cream, a packet of skin on boneless chicken breasts, yogurts, apple sauce fruit things, lemons, mushrooms, a sack of red potatoes, packet of fresh rosemary, ricotta cheese from Italy, a large squash, some Russian style Dutch carmel cookies and two boxes of tissues.  All for  about $48.  Not a ton of food but not bad considering I had a lot of imported stuff and I went to probably one of the most expensive grocery stores here.

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  1. That puppy is such a cute little fur ball!!! How could anyone not fall head over heals (yes, potty training helps a lot)! Will this one be a full time forever family member or are you just training another? I don't know if I could let one go after it stole my heart.

    As far as the goods, I think you will eat well at your new post! Hope settling in is as smooth as it can ever be when starting over at a new city/country.