welcome to post #4 or #12, depending on how your keeping count

So we arrived at our new post a little less than a week ago. So far so good! Our apartment is fine and good. Our couch and loveseat I feel no love for yet. Otherwise the Drexel still looks the same. The commissary is larger than I would have ever imagined a commissary would be - if I need Marshmellow Fluff, I am all set! The two little kids like it fine. The middle child has played Wii already and the youngest will be much happier when we find her a friend in the 6-8 age range, one who is not afraid of dogs would be most perfect. And the oldest is bored and only gets upset when he gets on fb and see's all his pals gearing up to go back to their boarding school. Hopefully he will be happier once he has a job and his school work arrives. I am working on hiring a part time housekeeper. A former River Garden tai tai is helping me out with that - so she knows the drill! And we live next door to astronauts - just ask my kids!

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