the mountains

Aww...the dog and the boy enjoying time at the mountain house we are at this week.  I have no idea why the dog always sits like this, but he does.  He is still the best dog ever.  He currently loves America because he thinks the whole place is off leash land.  I don't know how we lucked out with a 1 year old puppy who is so well behaved and comes when called immediately.  Oh wait, maybe I do - that overly enthusiastic guide dog puppy we had.... we deserved a nice calm one the 2nd time around?  Maybe?!

And the same boy living out a fantasy thanks to his science teacher.  He is panning for gems.  There are several of these places around and while it was a little lame, it was just right for our little kids.  Happiness all around.  And when wearing that shirt he has told several people that he is, in fact, British.   Poor boy.  He used to tell people he was from New Zealand when he was 4 and 5.

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