the plane with two elementary aged children

kids on the plane

Playing around on the internets and came up with some handy items that I plan to take on our next long haul place ride.  My kids will be starting school soon after we arrive at post, so they will be carrying their school backpacks.  Within will be pencil cases with supplies for school, Lego for the lego mad son and playmobil girl pack for his sister.  Also a sweet Russian coloring book, composition books for writing and drawing for both.  The striped shirts are a handy trick - I have always dressed all the kids in similar clothes or colors while traveling - it helps me keep track of them.  I fear this could be our last move I can easily - on purpose - get away with it.


  1. Ok, totally agree with MOST of this. Being in the FS travel with kids is something you have to be an expert on BUT those camelback cups ALWAYS leak because of the pressure. Every trip without fail I forget and bring the dang thing and the entire bag is wet. I think I would rather use a water bottle that seals better and does not run any leaking risk. Love the blog.

  2. Good to know Sunny! The last time we did a long haul flight I think we used more toddler style sippy cups. I will have to start looking for something else - because even though the kids will be 7 and 9 - they still spill constantly!