UAB and the luggage

I realize everyone has different ideas about what should go in UAB, HHE and the luggage.  But after a lifetime of moves I feel like this time I have this down.  Plus I am house bound with an 8 year old who has mono so obviously I have nothing better to do with my time!

So here are my lists all in one happy place


winter coats for all
lighter coats for all
1 pair mitten/gloves for all
1 winter hat for all
1 sun hat for two
school uniforms for two - down to the shoes and the extra indoor and outdoor tennis shoes
rain boots for two which could do in a pinch with snow if UAB is slow
a few dozen doggie bags - they weight nothing and we will need them
5 pairs of panty hose for me
1 raincoat for two
several gallon ziplock bags of dog food
a disposable cat litter box - weighs almost nothing
ziplock of cat food - though he is not as picky as the dog
extra epi pens
several bottles of Benadryl
bottles of liquid Advil and Tylenol
adult Motrin and Tylenol
band aids
lunchboxes and bits and pieces
at least one lady who lunches type outfit should I need to look nice and go anywhere
gym clothes for adults
a few sweaters for all
bathing suits for all
as well as all summer clothes we have been wearing all home leave long
extra bottles of vitamins
a new chapter book for two
work clothes


Sheets for all beds
new pillows for everyone
duvet for all beds
couple of quilts
mattress covers for all
mattress topper for queen bed
ironing board
frying pan
dutch oven
2 sauce pans
couple of spoons and utensils
can opener
cookie cutter
rolling pin
baking sheets - already bought new ones Thank you very much!
muffin tin
set of plates, bowls, cups, a few tea cups
more over the counter meds - cold meds and the like and vitamins
shower curtains once we figure out housing
some baking supplies
saline solution
dog food - a couple of bags
cat food or litter - will depend on how we are doing with weight
new dog bed
dog toys/treats
cat toys
art supplies for kiddos
yarn and knitting needles
some handwork for me
lego - not all, just enough to keep someone entertained
a couple of chapter books kids have not read
possibly Halloween candy if I can find something that would work
tux and ball gown with shoes for adults just in case...
more of the winter clothes for all
winter boots
skates for two and I mean ice skates
shake helmets
wrapping paper for birthday parities - just a little
extra set of dog shoes for our disabled dog..

Okay so that is a good start.  No list for HHE....just the rest of our stuff with some more stockpiling items thrown in - dog food, kids toys, birthday gifts, maybe extra tin foil, plastic wrap, ziplock bags, candles in mass


  1. I'm such a list-maker, yet I've never made a packing list for any of our moves. I think the next one will require it, though. Thanks for giving me a place to start!

  2. That's awesome. You just saved me hours! I was thinking today that I have to organize our pack out and decide what goes where and factor in 10 months of language training in between 2 very differnt climates (NZ & India) plus a DC winter. Now I can kick back and read a few chapters with the kiddo instead.

  3. My husband thinks all we need is a passport and a credit card and we're good.