Why don't I sew more?

Since I am a lonely crafter, I sometimes join internet a-longs.  This is the current one at ohfransson.  I bought the fabric off etsy - someone was selling odds and ends, obviously left over from their own sewing projects.  For the white background I used a Chinese white sheet.  fyi - if you posted to China and have sheets made, either don't expect them to last long or be more choosey than I was.  Almost all of them have had the elastic go bad already.  So sad.

Anyway, below is the almost finished product.  This is one of the more intense quilts I have made, it is not full size and now I am crazy enough to believe I can make any quilt top.  The blog it came from is excellent for how-to tips as well, I am very down with the modern quilting.

And finally the fs swap is slowing growing.  I think we are probably up to 18 people.  Please feel free to spread the word, far and wide.

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  1. ~A, that quilt is lovely! You are a true talent in the craft world. Sorry, but not surprised, to hear about your Chinese sheets. At least the material could be reused in such a fun and memorable way.