Here are a little cute pair of mittens I whipped up on Friday.  I wish they fit either of my young children, but they don't.  So I will send them off to a friend in North Carolina and hope they get some use from her little guy.

Also, the quilt has a back, and was made into a quilt sandwich.  I did not follow the directions for the back because I didn't have enough large fabric, so I made it up to make it work.  I am very happy with how it looks.  Now to order more thread and get it quilted.

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  1. I love these. If you are at all ever interested in selling some of your baby items online please let me know. I'd love to add them to by website. I am currently only selling in NZ since we are posted here and they have a good postal system but I'll be heading back to the USA for 10 months in July. Those knitted baby leggings sell like hotcakes.
    Just a thought. I've been selling my nursing covers for 5 years now and have honestly sold over 8000 of them. It is a fun "portable" business for trailing spouses.
    Cheers, Amy