Summer planning

These mittens are my new project...once the final last baby blanket is done this weekend. Perfect timing since it is finally hot. Really hot. Yesterday I brought all our fans to the children's school as it has no AC and was over 100 with the humidex -whatever that really is... I also brought juice ice pops. I think both kids only walked away with some mild heat exhaustion. A good day?


  1. I absolutely cannot FATHOM being on my husband's EER.

    Holy. Cow.

    Anyway, also wanted you to know that I linked to you here:

    Tell your mother she's my hero.

  2. I saw that you are hosting this week's round up! Do you have a theme to shoot for or are you just going to go fishing?

    And as far as the "perfect entertaining" - it's more entertaining to be less perfect! :) If we are ever in the same post again, let's get together for a meal!

  3. Ok, Figured out the theme! Manners. Hmmmm, would that include reading a post all the way through and absorbing the details given right there before sending off an inquiry? I think I need more sleep!