mother of the year

Now I am going to be boastful. A friend told me I am mother of the year 2011 for what I used as punishment on the oldest yesterday. I had parent teacher conferences, they did not go well at all mostly, so the next day, I drug his sorry behind to the Emily Dickinson museum. Where he had to go on the 90 minute house tour. Followed by the garden tour! Mother of the year 2011, that is me!

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  1. YES! Can I just tell you, my husband has a family of cousins (all girls in their early 20's) who I can't stand because they do this exact thing! It drives me insane. Not only are their separate blogs 'perfect' but then they all got together to make a blog about saving money. I wouldn't have any problems either if my dad/husband was a multi-millionaire. Ugh.