Well that was a fun week end

I am trying to get my health in order this year. It is sort of on 'the list' and because of that I have been to the dreaded dentist and to the dreaded oral surgeon. I had my wisdom teeth out on Thursday morning. All FOUR wisdom teeth. I spent the week end in bed dutifully taking my narcotics. It was actually not quite as bad as I had been warned but I really feel like they sent me home too early...as in I have no recollection of the hour plus drive home. None whatsoever. I can only assume they did not ask me anything at the border...

I am glad it is done. Next up - the eye doctor.


  1. Worst is over! Glad you made it safely back home. That part is the scariest. Rest well and kudos to you for taking care of yourself!

  2. The husband did drive me home...I was seriously out cold.

  3. Glad it went okay. I kept insisting I'd drive myself home when I got mine out as a teenager. My mom ignored me which was good because all I remember about the trip home was that there seemed to be two of everything all the sudden :) I hope the eye doctor goes well.