more in the series

More in the series called 'you can't make this stuff up' I think part one was the visiting mother who fell down the stairs the day of the ballet recital and part two was running over a bear.

Let's visit part 3 which unfolded over the last 24 hours.

My oldest son attends boarding school in Vermont. It is a lovely albeit slightly hippy dippy sort of place. They were due for a short break on Wednesday. Monday at 2 pm they moved the break up by 28 hours due to the blizzard that was on the way. Ack! So first we deal with Carson Wagonlit. Finally they get his flight changed after much complaining on my part.

This morning I say to the husband, I don't think the kid is coming home today. He tells me I am once again being ridiculous. I email away and make sure his dorm head checks to see that he is awake and out the door at the right time to catch the shuttle. He is.

At nine-ish I check the flight status. The same flight earlier in the day has been canceled. But his looks fine. At noon I check again - CANCELED.

Super. I call the school. After chatting with the woman on the other end of the line and trying not to freak out, she says "So let me get this straight. He has no cell phone. His laptop is fried. And you have no idea if he even has a calling card since he has never called you on the telephone since he started school here." Followed by, "I guess you do not have any friends or family in CT?"

They finally figured out the the shuttle bus company that was to drop him off was having such a hard time driving in the snow that they had no even reached the airport. So back they came and when they reach town he will be farmed out to a local family with kids at the school.

It has been a super fun morning. He is apparently also very mad about the unfolding of events. I can't wait to talk to him on the phone. Of course I can control the weather and USAirways. I am powerful like that. I can also remotely make him not get around to doing his English assignments and make him overuse his computer so much that in 5 months he burns up 1 battery AND a hard drive. I should channel my powers to fixing the mess in the Middle East - then maybe some good can come from it.

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