winter here is sometimes cool

This is a horse drawn wagon, complete with sleigh bells. It is down the street from our little LQA house and we took a ride the week before Christmas. There was caroling AND snow coming down. It was somewhat magical.

The fs swap is coming along nicely. We have 24 people signed up so far and I hope for many more takers this week as people are back at post and kids return to school. So far we have a pretty varied list of locales - NYC, DC, San Jose, Kenya, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Canada, Austria, Ecuador, Philipines, Malawi, Belgium, Bangladesh, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Mexico. If you need directions on how to sign up - I think if you click on the button to the right it will take you to the appropriate post. Feel free to spread the word and email me, or leave a comment, if you would like a copy of that button.


  1. It is time for the Weekly State Department Blog Round Up and you are on it!

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