sweater baby pants

As promised, here are some sweater baby pants I made. Easy peasy, directions here. Or a hundred other places on the web. They are often called soakers, though this pair is made of a cotton sweater and would not do well with a cloth diaper alone under it - no soaking of anything I think. So if you have any beat up, faded sweaters you can make a pair of pants AND a skirt. This one is going to be shipped off to a little friend back in North Carolina. These are pretty big - he is 18 months or so...I think they came from an XL sweater at the thrift store. I did not add another waist band as per the instructions because they are already pretty roomy.

Back to the knitting by the fire while the snow keeps coming down. I dread ballet this afternoon, do we brave it or do I call to ask if its on and have the person on the other end of the phone laugh hysterically?

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