something occasionally does happen here

So we have had a lot of non life threatening medical drama around here lately. The middle son had an ENT emergency the other day so we drove down to upstate New York. New York where when you call for a doctor's appointment they say comforting things like ' we can see you this afternoon' or 'what time is good for you?' A little different than my host country where maybe an ENT could have seen the middle son in late January for his ENT emergency. And I only know he had an ENT emergency because when the ENT looked in his ear he said, "You know, this IS an ENT emergency!" He is sort of a weird guy...

Anyway, on the drive back, I RAN OVER A BEAR. I did not hit and kill the bear, the mini van in front of me did. The children did not stop fighting or even notice, so they were not traumatized in the least. I however, could not believe my eyes, so I pulled over and yelled at the guy standing next to his wreaked mini-van, "Is that a BEAR?" He says, I kid you not, "It looks like it, EH?"
Okay then. I drive home. The middle one has choir, the husband is locked out of the house because he has forgotten how to carry his own keys and the night goes on.

The next morning I am driving the husband to work - because he is in a 15 lb adjustable cast for the next 3 months because he thinks he is still 20 years old - anyway, the car is making a noise. A noise so loud that we notice people looking at us. He says "What is that noise?" I say, "Oh, I forgot, last night I ran over a BEAR."

After he told his office buddies that his wife ran over a BEAR and then forgot to mention it, they made him tell EVERYONE. And the best part was always that part that I FORGOT to tell him I ran over a BEAR. One of his office buddies came down to look at the thing making the noise and he walks over to my side and I roll the window down, he says "So did you hit something?" This is especially funny because he has been making the husband retell the story all day long. I say, "Yes, a BEAR."

So things so sometimes happen here at the dullest post in the world.

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