Home Cure

I have recently been very into Apartment Therapy's Home Cure 20/20. I have been enjoying doing some of the tasks and the videos are growing funnier by the day. I wish we had friends like the at couple.

A few days ago was the top 6 home projects task. Here are mine:

the basement. Get rid of all that stuff that appeared from Hagerstown. It is a pit down there and I hate it...

put pictures in the stair case frames and unearth all the unused frames and see what can be done with them

find coco straw carpet runner for front steps - asap

find my daughter a bedframe that matches her brothers and then paint them both really red

paint the crappy dresser white

get the curtains in order. they are all on awful plastic rods and falling off the wall in some rooms. also zero privacy and everyone who walks by looks in. hello neighbors!

There are my 6. I think I have a lead on the stair carpet, which is good because it is going to start snowing tomorrow and the whole point of the carpet is to cut down on the ice...so better order that quick!

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