Boarding school

We are in rural Vermont for parent weekend at the oldest son's boarding school. It is also a time when siblings can have an 'interview' with the Dean of Admissions - Luke is thinking it over....I think I know how his interview would go - he would lay on the floor with the Dean's old dog, and answer all questions with "I don't know" or "I guess" I am sure they would save him a spot right then and there!

Fingers crossed the weekend goes well - so far so good. We saw a real life wild wolf running around in NY. We started a new tradition of stopping at an old timey country store on the way. When we pulled up to our American style chain hotel, Luke asks, "Is this a retirement home?" And we have been to Target. A good trip so far. Plus - I hear there might be masses of yarn for sale at the schools harvest festival tomorrow - yippee!

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