another baby sweater for a woman I do know

This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Feb. baby sweater. Easy peasy though it looks lacey and impressive. This baby mama I do know. My wonderfully sweet knitting pal from Malaysia. I feel pretty confident that she will love it!

What is up next for me and my crafty zen? Well, I did just get a CD of over 300 vintage Barbie clothes. That could get out of hand. I have a Little Red Riding Hood cape to whip up a la Angry Chicken. I have countless Japanese sewing books yet to be sewn from. I have numerous quilts to put together and/or quilt. I think I have 2 dresser to paint, and a bed frame to buy and then paint and on and on and on.
Apparently I have big plans to just stay home and make this fall and winter. Fine with me!

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