bread making in the FS

I have become a pretty good bread maker in the last few years. Bread at our last 2 posts left a lot to be desired. Enter the bread above. I use the Master boule recipe from 'Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day' The book is great but can be a little intimidating for a non baker. It is easy peasy. Really you just throw all the stuff in some tupperwear, I use a Lock & Lock container and only close up 2 sides. We almost always have some bread dough in the fridge.

I also seem to have consistent luck with making my bread in more a baguette shape. I also do not use a stone, just a regular baking sheet. And for the water you throw in? I have an old baking sheet on a bottom rack and throw it on that. If you have the dough already in the fridge it takes 40 minutes to get an awesome loaf of bread. With the same dough I have made cinnamon rolls and nann. Yum!

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  1. I got this book recently, but was afraid to try and make any of the recipes because I don't have a pizza stone. But since you've done it without one, I'll give it a try!