Unless there are photos...

A new blog for a new post. Fresh start and all that. As my crafty friend, Dina, says, 'it didn't happen if there are no photos.'
Old quilt repair. Made by my grandmother and used in between her springs and mattress - there are rust stains on the back where the springs rusted. The binding needs serious work. A very thick quilt.

A quilt my mother pieced in the late 70's, early 80's. A lot of doll clothes were made from the same fabrics. No ideas on a backing yet.

The Chinese coin quilt I put together in KL. I used Amy Butler coins and local linen/cotton blend. No idea on a backing yet either.

Another quilt from my grandmother. I am hand stitching on a new binding using store bought bias tape.

My second ever quilt for son #2. Mostly Chinese and Malaysian bought fabric but a square or two from Niger.

And the quilt I just finished yesterday for my daughter. All odds and ends fabric. She love the Japanese hedgehog bits. I think we would both be in big trouble if we ever go to Japan. The kawaii might kill us both.

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